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Restaurant Strandbaren 

Strandbaren has a new and updated concept!

Our grill experience consists of a variety of small dishes made from local ingredients, served directly from the grill.
You can al
so order from our à la carte menu if you prefer more classic dishes.

With a selection of exciting wines, the meal is complete. In the bar you will also find beer from Stokkøy Brewery and various beverages from Granskauen destillery. This amongst other things. 

If you wish to enjoy a cup of coffee or a simple lunch dish like lasagna or toast, you can visit the Reception cafè. See the opening hours below. 

As a guest at the hotel or coastal houses, you have to make a separate booking for the restaurant. 
We encourage you to make your reservations as early as possible, to guarantee availability.
In periods of sunny weather, please expect some waiting time for availability when dropping in.
If you travel as a group we will manage to keep the restaurant open for you, at the time that suits you.
Please get in touch for booking if you travel as a group.

We look forward to welcoming you to Strandbaren!

Opening hours


Monday: 2 PM-9 PM*

Tuesday: 2 PM-9 PM*

Wednesday: 2 PM-9 PM*

Thursday: 2 PM-9 PM*

Friday: 2 PM-9 PM*

Saturday: 2 PM-9 PM*

Sunday: 2 PM-6 PM

*The kitchen closes at 9 PM, but the bar is open until 12:00 AM.

The new concept at Strandbaren is under development, but we keep open for dinner at weekends. In mid May we will be fully open serving both lunch and dinner. In the meantime we keep Reception cafe open for lunch. 

Opening hours

Reception café:

Monday - Thursday: 11Am-4PM

Friday - Sunday: 1PM-4PM

Easy menu with coffee, ice cream, and toast Monday through Thursday, with a wider selection of dishes served Friday through to Sunday.

Sandømat- Local food

Jan Christer Sandø has apprenticed at Credo and worked at Fagn (Michelin restaurant in Trondheim).
Now he has returned to his home in Fosen. Sandørmat consists of products made from locally sourced,  and short-travelled ingredients.
Sandømat also offers catering for between 10- 200 people. 

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