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The exotic Stokkøya is located by one of Norway´s finest beaches on the Trøndelag coast.

Here, you will find wild nature and several options for accommodation. 

Book a stay and get free access to sauna

Book a room with free access to sauna 
From 1650 NOK incl breakfast

Offer expires April 30th 2024.  

What´s better than going straight to the steamy sauna after a cold, fresh swim in the sea? 

Book a night and get free access to sauna
*Offer expires April 30th 2024.

From 1650,- NOK incl breakfast


Book a stay and get free access to sauna

The wild nature and beautiful location of Stokkøya, offers many opportunities

for various activities and exploration. 

Certain activities are based upon season, while others are always available. 

Please get in touch for more information. 

Stay by the sea



Our hotel rooms called the SUB-cabins, are located at the beach hotel, right by the shore.

Here, you can simply throw on your bathrobe and run down to the sea for a refreshing swim. 


Breakfast is included of course. 

The beach bar is under renovation, but we do keep the Reception Café open where we serve breakfast, lunch and dinner

How to get there 


The beach hotel is located at Hosnasand. From Trondheim, you can take a car ferry to Foten, from where you can drive further to Åfjord and then to Stokkøya. 

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