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Our sustainability measures



Sustainability, circularity and the fact that Stokkøya beach hotel is the right choice for climate aware customers is important to us. 

We make active choices on who we choose to co-opreate with. Here are some of the measures we take:

Norwegian carbon storage

At Stokkøya Strandhotell, all guests have the opportunity to offset the climate footprint of their stay! The carbon is stored in Trønder's topsoil, and a good amount also ends up in the hotel's own cultivation. Find out more here

Chargers for el-cars

We have 10 EV chargers (7 kW) from Aneo at Stokkøya Strandhotell, and there are 10 chargers (11 kW) at Bygdeboksen and Stokkøy Bakeri. Charging is paid via the EasyPark app.

50 meters away from Strandbaren, we grow almost all the vegetables and herbs for the restaurant.


Locally sourced food

As far as possible, we use local suppliers for the restaurant.

Eliminating food waste

We work actively against food waste both in the kitchen and in attitude-building work among employees and guests.


All waste is sorted at source and recycled. 


We are in the process of certification for Miljøfyrtårn. Miljøfyrtårn companies work concretely with sustainability in areas such as the working environment, waste management, energy use, procurement and transport. It also provides good conditions for helping to achieve several of the UN's sustainability goals.​ 


We are part of Klimapartnere, which is an active partnership across the country. This is how we unleash the green conversion potential that lies in our collective creativity, action power and ability to implement


We reuse and give new life to discarded elements from e.g. the farm and the shipyard in our interior.

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