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Restaurant and beach hotel at the coast of Trøndelag


Stokkøya beach hotel and restaurant is situated by the exotic Hosnasand

- one of Norway´s most beautiful beaches

Book the summer holidays

Swimming in the sea at one of Norway´s most beautiful beaches, delightful culinary experiences at Strandbaren, biking or hiking. The experiences are plentiful, and Stokkøya is perfect for all ages. 

Book early before we fill up with summer-loving guests. 



From 1550 nok per night

Glamping og camping

From 360 nok per night

Coastal houses

From 4 275 nok per night

We are re-building our restaurant Strandbaren and adding a new grill experience to the menu.  A new concept consisting of locally sourced fresh and raw food with lots of flavours.
All presented to you 2 metres above sea.

Strandbaren grill experience

Active or relaxing holiday?

Here you can go kayaking, fishing, hiking or going for a bicycle ride. Or maybe you prefer to relax in the hot tubs?

Stokkøya is a place for exploring, experiencing and relaxing. 

Don´t miss out

We have a number of concerts, food and drink events and other social gatherings.

Take a look below.

Don´t miss out!

We host events like concerts, food and drink tasting and other social happenings. 

All of our events take place at Strandbaren or Bygdeboksen, at Stokkøya. 

Stokkøya beach hotel and Strandbaren is owned and ran by Torild Langklopp, Roar Svenning, Ingrid Langklopp og Niels Stagegaard.

Torild and Roar first met at a diving event at Stokkøya, and from there on things moved fast. Together they decided to invest in, and develop

Stokkøya to be an attractive destination. 

The story of Stokkøya

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